Can we find joy in each day?  Yesterday seemed to get the best of me (and I allowed it).  Up was down and down was up.  I couldn’t tell the difference.  Paper work and phone calls stole time from my children (we are moving!).  Mom guilt confession – I don’t do well if I don’t allot a certain amount of time in my day for the children.  Truly digs at my core.  By mid day I was dicey, at best, on the phone.  Waiting in a parking lot, for someone to help me with my car (that’s 1 month new and seems to break when I touch it), I didn’t want to go inside.  I had four of my children with me, one asleep, one screaming, one eating and one talking to me.  I had a time slot set but I soon found that no one knew about my appointment.  Quickly and quite easily, I was worked up on the phone.  I was short with the man and said, “I will just come back.  This is just too much for me today.”  He paused and quite gently said, “Ma’am, where are you?  I just need your location.  I will help you.”  I stopped and took a breath and as we finished our conversation I realized, how much a kindness does echo through to our souls.  It was as though he was rescuing me from my wild day – he was going to find me and help me.  His attempt to help was a saving grace for me and honestly changed my day around (and probably saved my children from hearing me scream).  We can find joy in each day.  Sometimes we have to look but most of the time it finds us.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”—Mother Teresa



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