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Thursday, December 24, 2020


Never let us reflect upon small annoyances, and we shall be able to bear great
ones sweetly. Never let us think over our small pains, and our great pains will be
easily endurable. Charlotte Mason
A smorgasbord of choices.  This tree or that tree.  Cypher’s Christmas Tree Farm had plenty of fabulous trees in front of us.  Each of my children would have enjoyed one in their rooms.   It seems they were lost in the millions of prickly needles.  Lost in the detail of the tree.  Whether it was too large, too small, too fat, too skinny, too green or too brown.  Field after field and filled with so much character.  So many choices and yet unable to choose.  Lost.  I’ve been lost in this crazy year of ours.  In the details of our “prickly” day.  Love the encouragement from Charlotte Mason, “Never let us think over our small pains, and our great pains will be easily endurable.”  The little pains of each day that cause us to endure this whole year altogether.   It may have taken us getting lost in the details, to be found in the bigger picture.  Finding joy in the prickliest of days.

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