Promises Kept

Promises must be kept, deadlines met, commitments honored, not for the sake of morality, but because we become what we do or fail to do.  Character is the sum of all that.  – Howard Sparks

Are the weeks really going by this quickly?  An elephant always seems to be weighing on my shoulders.  So much to do so little time.  Breakfast, off to school, school work, lunch, play time, gym time, school work, make dinner, play time, dinnertime, evening activities and so on.  Everyday and over and over.  Schedule is necessary and yes, children do thrive with some sort of order.  So much of life is repetition, it’s like a promise kept.  We carry out our “mundane” schedules but we will reap the reward later (and can find so much beautiful joy in the mundane).  These little hands and feet that are in our care (for now!) are gleaning all we have to give.   We will see the reward maybe later, maybe earlier?  The reward of raising these littles, the building of their character, it’s like a promise kept.


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