Toys for the Road

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These past few months have been a different experience to us all but if there is a positive that has seemed shared among most it is that simplicity is appreciated. Moments of calm with loved ones and unplugging from technology to take in the beauty of the world around us has been a comfort.

The sudden halt of what felt like the world slowly spinning and days no longer flying by has allowed our family to take a breath and enjoy playing games indoors together. It was during this time of us using our imaginations when we grew a love for Candylab Toys uniquely beautiful products.

Our son has always been fond of planes, trains, and automobiles. The fascination of how they work, where they can take you, and their different models + sizes seems to add a certain sparkle to his eyes as he contemplates these thoughts. Candylab takes a different approach than other brands when creating their products to add whimsical details and bright colors that only fuel a child’s imagination in the most beautiful way. Practically any car model that one could hope for they have created using natural materials with a midcentury aesthetic. The sizes vary but are easy to play with and as a parent who does enjoy a well styled space they go along with any home style perfectly. As if the race cars , drifters ( toy trucks ) , food trucks, really the selections seem endless of vehicles to choose from was not in itself wonderful they also have created stackable buildings. A day at the beach can be dreamt up with their Malibu Beach Tower and their Woodie Redux which has a magnetic top for a Waimea Surfboard to sit on top. From the coastline to the desert with Motels, a Toll Booth , and Drive In for stops along the way Candylab has created a little wooden world for littles to enjoy.




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