Kids sneak fashion peeks – day three at The Rendez-vous

Kids sneak fashion peeks – day three at The Rendez-vous Part Two previewing the best kids fashion for summer 2021.

Our fashion brands today are;

Belle Chiara

“From the very beginning in 2009, with our first line of shoes, we knew we wanted our children to wear something special.

We moved forward launching our first kids fashion clothes collection in 2012 trusting our own creativity: naturalness, delicacy, originality, careful work and handcrafted articles.

Belle Chiara is committed to a more sustainable planet, that’s why we bet on the highest quality raw materials, on organic fabrics, on the artisan handmade work and on local production.

This is our world, our passion. We are delighted for you to be part of it.”

“Humble, simple, beautiful, small wild flowers bring us closer to our childhood memories, to the moments we lived, of long walks along the countryside in the summer.Relate and get excited with nature, with the daily beauty of closer surroundings.

Become conscious that we should take care of what is important and we take care of what we value.

Thank you Emily Dickinson who inspired this collection, thank you for your wonderful legacy, poems and flowers.”

Nature inspired Bella Chiara for summer 2021 kids swimwear

Nature inspired Bella Chiara for summer 2021 kids swimwear


“We root for all kids: the explorers, the misfits, the brave ones and the poets. We believe in adventures, field trips, never-ending curiosity and letting kids be kids.

Being Mainio is about being bold. Staying true to your attitude. Treating the world and its beings with compassion and kindness. Respecting the environment.

Mainio champions a better future. The idea from the brand’s very beginning was to choose ethical and ecological materials and to only work with partners who take responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees and our planet. That vision became Mainio’s core. ”

“MAINIO SS21 Nothing But Footprints

Our oceans are beautiful.
Approximately 70 % of the surface of our planet is covered with water. Vast oceans, tiny ponds, little streams, and mighty rivers. They are beautiful, life-giving, and full of life.

Our oceans are crying.
Our oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers are getting filled with debris. There are over 150 million
tons of plastic waste in the seas of our planet. And counting!

Ocean conservation is the theme of our SS21 collection Nothing but Footprints.
None of us is too small to have an impact.
Join Ahti, Captain Walrus, shark, and seal. We can save the sea.”

Mainio sea inspired collection for Kids sneak fashion peeks SS21

Mainio sea inspired collection for Kids sneak fashion peeks SS21


KOKORI is a girl’s wear brand for 2 to 14 years old girls. Established in 2016 in London UK, after many years of dreaming and researching.

Our ethos is simply to make children happy and feel unique in their own way. We want children to have an intuitive bond with our garments, a bond that will live long with them and form dreams that will carry them to their adultness.

Our aim is to produce garments of the highest quality fabrics with sophisticated little creative details that will weather enduringly. Manufacture them in a sustainable manner within fair trade conditions in mind, together with people that are like minded.


In our SS21 collection we are influenced by the simple process of nature.

In the collection, the earthenware pots represent the connection of our lives with earth. The simplest transformation of earth to a prime need of human function for years.
Equally for centuries the olive tree with its leaves has provided the best nutrition for our needs when precisely nourished in its time.

For generations both processes have timelessly gone through the same cycle.

Within these extraordinary circumstances, our current cycle, has made us aware of this basics processes. Hence, our inspiration ignited for SS21 collection.
Amazing quality fabrics, beautiful materials, textures, checks & our own prints together compose an amazing collection that gives a romantic & chic and unique feelings… ”

Kokori beautiful cotton knits for childrens fashion SS21

Kokori beautiful cotton knits for childrens fashion SS21


Kids are the perfect sabotage to every grown-up mess, especially effective against seriousness,
pretence, boredom and uneventful wardrobes. The Poupée couture is designed as an antidote
to unoriginality, rebelling against fast copy-paste fashion and turning a kid’s conventional
wardrobe into a theatre dressing room.

STATEMENT: Dress-up like nobody’s watching.
DATE OF BIRTH: Every moment, now, now and now.
NATION: Democracy of United Wonderlands.
COMPOSITION: 50% fabric, 50% laughter.
CHARACTER: 50% avant-garde, 50% démodé.
INGREDIENTS: Cotton (candy), pure wool, sunshine, silk.
STYLE: Dreamy, strike-a-pose proof and too-cool-for-school.
ADD-ONS: Stardust glitter, removable elements, embroidery.

Each Poupée collection introduces complete outfits, built-up around insightful scenarios inspired by childhood memories either real or make-believe. TIP: Handle with care, imagination and extra LOLs.”

Tres chic Poupée on a summer holiday for SS21 kids fashion

Tres chic Poupée on a summer holiday for SS21 kids fashion

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