Bloomin’ Good Time

Summer is coming to an end.  Wait, Spring and Summer and all that was in between is coming to an end.  The little ones had their year turned upside down but they didn’t miss a beat.  It was difficult, to say the least, for many of us.  I’ve always dreamed of being the ultimate home-school Mom.  It was a must, top of my to-do list as a Mother – ABSOLUTELY.  This year gave me the opportunity – maybe not gave but dropped in my lap.  While my dreams weren’t exactly met and I realized my limits, there was so much more.  I grew with my children.  We bloomed.  I really dove into their learning habits and their hearts.  The “forced” time was a flowering of their personalities.  I will never get these days back.  Similar to a flower in all it’s beauty, it only lasts so long, never to be seen again.  I am grateful for this hardship and blessed to have these 7 little ones to nurture through this rugged life.  Also like a flower, it can withstand harsh and sunny weather, so withstood these little ones.

In honor of our blooming, a fun shoot that called for floral headpieces and beautiful designs.


Swim/Clothing Little Creative Factory

Floral Headpieces Julie James Floral Design

Venue The Venue