Kids fashion previews for SS21 at The Rendez-vous

Kids fashion previews for SS21 last day at The Rendez-vous and today we have The Bonnie Mob,Kaleidoscope, Age of Innocence and The New Society.

The Rendez-vous will also be back on the 7th September with twenty more brands for Kids Digital Fashion week number two, so make a mark in your diary!


The Bonnie Mob

Our story began in 2005 with the arrival of a little girl called Alice-Bee, the bonnie first-born of our founder, Tracey Samuel. Although Tracey didn’t know much about parenthood back then, she did have an impressive career in knitwear design and an imagination built for creating new fabrics and textures. Tracey set about designing modern, colourful & distinctive baby-knits with the expectation that you should ‘Buy once, buy well, pass it on’. Bonnie baby was born: Practical, tough-wearing, spirited baby clothes to be loved in, played in and passed around.

SS21 – Pool Party

A collection inspired by the work of David Hockney, who’s combination of creativity, eccentricity and ability to adapt to the next new thing makes him an amazing role model for future little artists and makers.
You’ll find gentle nods to Hockney’s style and most importantly, his use of colour. From the iconic Californian pool paintings, to the bright and fun iPad drawings and polaroid photo collages. Featuring his adored Dachshund dogs, his signature round specs and of course, his charming fashion sense and iconic cardigans!
A fully sustainable collection for babies and kids made from GOTS certified organic cotton with an Eco denim range, using 90% less water than standard denim.

Banana print blanket with hood from Bonnie Mob for summer 2021

Banana print blanket with hood from Bonnie Mob for summer 2021



Kaleidoscope was born in Porto, Portugal, a modern and renewed city that breathes multi-culturality. As a brand Kaleidoscope became aware of its role in the world, and began a metamorphosis for a more conscious and global attitude. We believe that we should find new ways of thinking and making things.

We should always question this ephemeral and disposable culture and think on development and production solutions for a better and sustainable future. Kaleidoscope is a sustainable and conscious childrenswear clothing brand for cosmopolitan and relaxed kids up to 12 years old. Classic designs interpreted in a funny and contemporary way with the finest ecological materials.

ME & YOU – our SS21 collection – where everything fits together.
A reflection of the phase I’m going through, the world is going through.
A sign of Life, Existence: ‘Me and You’.
In these uncertain times, it is not just brands and companies that face challenges; society
changes affect each and everyone of us. Embrace all of these changes!
Even if we rely on digital connectivity to survive this period of turbulence, it is our need for
human connection that will really shape our lives.
The SS21 collection is easy to wear and combine. Neutral colours with touches of light that make
it a fresh and essential collection. Personalised prints and graphics enhance the strength of the
Kaleidoscope theme; at the same time, an animal print adds a cool and fun element to the
identity of the clothes, personalising the look of any child.

Kids fashion previews for SS21 from ethical brand Kaleidoscope

Kids fashion previews for SS21 from ethical brand Kaleidoscope


Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence is a European footwear brand for girls from 0 to 16 yrs.

The DNA of the brand is a combination of femininity, timeless elegance, simplicity and chic with a soft touch of nostalgia for retro design.

Kids should be treated as individuals and respected the same way as adults, as persons with their own point of view — in all aspects of life, including in the way they look. Age of Innocence filled a completely empty niche — there was a huge call for quality and stylish footwear products for kids.

Spring/Summer 2021 collection is called “The Future is Bright” and was created during
the COVID-19 pandemic.
It is inspired by colours of Saint Paul de Vence and is all about the celebration of life, joy,
happiness, optimism, dreams, and a bright and colourful future.
The colours of the collection are vibrant — from gold and silver to fuchsia, dusty pink, blue
and green – as the gardens, trees, flowers, and the sky in Saint Paul de Vence.

Beautiful heirloom shoes by Age of Innocence for SS21

Beautiful heirloom shoes by Age of Innocence for SS21

The New Society

“The New Society pursues the ideal of a new generation: a society with heightened awareness that encourages people to come together and take care of one other.

The clothes are a manifesto, a declaration of intention for future generation, where only origins and essence of things count. The emotions are our main source of inspiration.”

SS21 “The Sea Side of Life”

Join us to discover the Sea Side of Life, where you can smell salt everywhere, where your skin has a nice tan colour, where you feel happy and full of energy, like a morning walk close to the sea.

The salty breeze touches your face and your soul to make you feel the endless happiness, the everlasting dream, the Sea Side of Life.

These are the feelings we want to transmit with this positive collection, because even in the most difficult moments of your life, you will always be able to admire the Sea and get to feel these wonderful sensations again and again.

Organic and recycled fabrics, raw materials, textures, checks & conventional prints together with our new shapes compose our summer story, that will make you feel positive and desire the summer days over and over again…

The Sea Side of Life, kids fashion for SS21 by The New Society

The Sea Side of Life, kids fashion for SS21 by The New Society

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