Feature: Isaiah Chambers Releases His First Song How Many Times

9-year-old Isaiah Chambers is a successful model, having worked with brands such as Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and the high street chain Zara. But now he is turning his attention to the music world- in the form of rapping.  Isaiah releases his first song, How Many Times on Friday 21st August, which he felt compelled to write following the Black Lives Matter movement. We catch up with Lil Zay Zay to find out more about the song and his modelling career…

Feature: Isaiah Chambers Releases His First Song How Many Times

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m an actor, model and rapper. In my spare time, whenever I get any, I enjoy studying physics and how the universe works. I love playing on my consoles and spending time in the park. I have 3 sisters: two older sister’s Tianna and Ashleigh and a little sister Leilani.

How did you get into modelling and acting?

I got into modelling at the age of 6. My first job was for Boohoo.com. I fell in love with modelling straight away and then I got into acting. I prefer acting because I get to show more expressions of myself and I find it challenging playing different characters.

You’ve worked for some great designers such as Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

I’m so fortunate to have worked with some of the worlds top designers. My favourite job was for Calvin Klein which I shot in Amsterdam. It was a great experience for me because I met my godmother after who lives there. She has two cats and at the time I was scared of cats but I seemed to get on with her ones fine. I also enjoyed modelling for an Italian designer Butnot because they gave me a whole wardrobe of new clothes after the shoot, which was some pretty cool bits!

You’ve just released your first ever song ‘How Many Times’ which you wrote with your sister. Can you tell us about it?

The black lives matter movement means a lot to me. Seeing what is happening to my people I felt that I needed to say something. My mum suggested I write a rap about it in her Beats, Rhymes, Lyrics & Poetry (BRLP) workshop that she runs under her company A Scott Academy. My sister Tianna, who is also a singer and songwriter, helped me with the production and the lyrics. I’m feeling so inspired by all of the positive feedback. I just want to thank everyone involved in making this happen.

What are you hoping to achieve with the song?

I’m hoping to just make everyone happy and put a smile on peoples faces. I made this song so my voice can be heard. In the second Verse, I said “my name is Zay I’ve got a lot to say” and I really have a lot to say so watch this space! I want to use my music as a way to express my views on situations that are happening around the world.

Can you tell us how your life has been impacted by racism?

We are all living with the effects of racism. Just look at what they teach us in school, they don’t teach us any black history before slavery. So yes racism has a huge impact on me because the systems and institutions are in favour of non-black and ethnic people. I want all people to be treated equally regardless of the colour of their skin. People think I look different because I’m a black boy with blue eyes. I know that’s unusual but I’m unique and I’m going to use my uniqueness to raise awareness of the beauty of all races and end the injustice to people of colour.

Do you think the music industry is an area you would like to try and break into, alongside the acting/modelling?

Yeah, I love making music and I enjoyed making my song. I’m inspired by the creativity of musicians especially my sister Tianna. I’m inspired by all types of music from Imagine Dragons to rappers like Eminem and Not3s. I think music is the perfect place to break down the boundaries of racism as music reaches all people.

The official release date as Friday 21st August at 6 pm on Isaiah Chambers TV, YouTube channel.


Behind the Scenes Images from How Many Times Video Shoot

Feature: Isaiah Chambers Releases His First Song How Many Times

Feature: Isaiah Chambers Releases His First Song How Many Times

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