Feature: Cool Kids Face Masks

Cool kids face masks Spring Summer 2020

Cool kids face masks and who is producing them.

Almost everyone is searching on the net for cool face masks, and if this is true for adults, kids face masks are no exception!

It seems that designer or trendy masks have become the most desired accessory for Spring-Summer 2020 but, despite the fact that some companies have partially reconverted their production to meet the demands of healthcare facilities, still very few brands have put on the market trendy alternatives.

For this reason, we’ve pulled together a list of kids’ fashion brands producing trendy kids face masks – we hope you like the selection and tell us if you spot any other brands making kids masks!


“Smile with your eyes” this is the message that Daddato has used to introduce their trendy kids face masks. 100% Made in Italy, these masks are made of three layers of tissue (the inner is 100% cotton) and a melt blow filter characterized by softness, elasticity, it can be washed and has excellent chemical resistance. Each mask comes with five replaceable melt blown filters. Daddato kids face masks are available on the Daddato online shop.

Cool kids face masks by Daddato

Photo by Margherita Ghezzi


With the motto “Keep fashionable and protected!” EFVVA has launched a range of protective masks that can match your outfit. The masks are available for kids and adults, reusable and they come in a tied version so that they can be adapted to different face sizes. They are sewn from two layers of organic cotton produced in Poland and provided with a filter hole. To re-use the mask, it must be washed in 90 degrees. EFVVA masks and the matching outfits are available on EFVVA online shop.

Cool kids face masks for girls by EFVVA Cool kids face masks for boys by EFVVA

Photo from EFVVA


Goganga launched a line of trendy kids face masks 100% Made in Italy and realized with 100% cotton multi-coloured patterns. They are available in two sizes for kids: S up to 50-51 cm and M up to 54-55 cm; also an L size for adults. Reusable and hand-washable at 30 degrees. Goganga kids face masks can be found on the Goganga online shop.

Cool kids face masks by Goganga

Photo from Goganga


From the idea of Maria Chiara Maggi, Magil starts the production of kids face masks with the fabrics and the patterns of the SS20 collection. The project has also a beneficial purpose and part of the proceeds will be donated to the association “Gaslini onlus ” for the Genoa Children’s Hospital. Magil kids face masks are available on most of their resellers, on the “Gaslini onlus” shop and on the Magil online shop.

Cool kids face mask MagilCool kids face mask Magil

Photos by Ariana Currò for Magil

Manuela Kids Design

Manuela Kids Design has launched the “going home” face masks, which are three-layered washable cotton masks with a filter inside, adjustable with a rubber band and washable on 40 degrees. It is suggested to disinfect them daily with steam ironing. Attention point is not to iron the print directly but use a cloth between the iron and the mask. They are available in two sizes: Kids face mask size S and Adult size M.

Cool kids face mask Manuela Kids Design

Photo by Valter Berecz for Manuela Kids Design


Monnalisa has announced the launch of the “Monnalisa glamour masks”. A fashion product in irresistible and iconic patterns that can be matched with the SS20 Monnalisa outfits. “The masks are craft pieces Made in Italy and 100% composition ensure that they are pleasant to the touch. They are washable and sterilizable, they are perfect for re-use.” as noted from the brand’s press release. The Monnalisa glamour masks will be available early next week on the Monnalisa online shop and in their boutiques.

Cool kids face mask MonnalisaCool kids face mask Monnalisa

Photos from Monnalisa

Kate Hill

Kate Hill has recently launched the “Disco Dolly Diva” line which encompasses selected pieces with stunning matching kids face masks. They are currently available online via The Dress Shop London in two variants: with sequins (in the pic below) and disco!

Cool kids face mask Kate Hill

Photo from Kate Hill

Piccola Ludo

Piccola Ludo has launched the production of fashionable kids face masks. Piccola Ludo masks are made with the archival and seasonal fabrics of the brand, combined with a layer of 100% cotton, tested for multiple washes. The masks are embellished with stunning hand-made embroideries and appliqué flowers.

Cool kids face mask Piccola Ludo Cool kids face mask Piccola Ludo

Photos by Alona Shestiuk for Piccola Ludo





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