Crescendo Apparel Brings Back Favourite Classic Looks Contemporarily Remodelled!

A new brand is coming this fall with the release of a colourful, bright and energetic Autumn/Winter 2020 collection! Crescendo Apparel is posed to allow your children to explore the adventure of fashion and childhood at the same time. The brand provides unisex, classic and playful designs that are ready to grow along with the child!

The collection sports a range of dynamic designs of coats, shirts, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and tops for children from 2 to 12. Not only are there a variety of different pieces to choose from but the products are created with fine and comfortable fabrics to suit any child’s energy level and movement. Fabrics such as wool, alpaca fiber, linen and cotton are used and emphasize colour contrast and display the detailed craftsmanship applied throughout the creation process. 

Complimenting the fabrics, the collection includes an array of playful bright colours such as deep blues, burning reds and sunny yellows along with careful cuts and simple striped patterns. These pieces are adorned by eye catching shapes made of faux-suede, dungaree and denim. The whole collection is easy to mix-and-match, making these lovely and cheerful outfits extremely easy to create!

Favourites from the collection include the signature coats and the contemporary straight leg pants. These pieces are not only fashion staples and basics, but keep children comfortable and sport a retro stylish look! The coats, both long and short, are adorned with patchwork pockets of contrasting colours and fabrics that add a distinctive and classic look to the collection. The pants come in a variety of bold colours and bring a formal and posh spirit to the enthusiastic style. Both pieces are smart casual and allow for comfortable movement, so that your child can look trendy while being able to enjoy their youth and innocence!

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