Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine Nasilens Owner of Sirius Star Production Company

Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine Nasilens

We chat with Owner of Sirius Star Modelling and Productions Agency and Fashion Idol Kids Project Madeleine Nasilens. Scroll down to find out more on Madeleines upcoming Fashion Idol Kids project.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine Nasilens

When did you start Sirius Star? What was the original spark?

I started the company about 20 years ago. Sirius Star is a modelling agency and production agency.  We have created many projects for our models. It is not so easy for models in Russia to get work or work abroad. I always wanted to create a great children’s fashion project, which would give chances of advancement in the kid’s fashion industry.

Where is the agency located?

The company is currently registered in France and Russia, and in the near future, in Italy.

What are your goals for the agency for the next five years?

It is important for our models to get more visibility.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine Nasilens

Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine NasilensWhat is Fashion Idol kids?

I see Fashion Idol Kids as a way forward for our models as it showcases them. It is an event for progress and showing the impossible is possible.

What prompted you to start Fashion Idol Kids?

I always see that the children of the rich and famous can penetrate the fashion world and industry through their acquaintances. There are many talented beautiful children from regular families. I want the project to be a platform to launch our models so that they can also get noticed, and perhaps have a chance in the modelling world. Maybe I’m a romantic and a dreamer, but if I do not try for them it would be no good.

How long have you been organizing Fashion Idol Kids?

For two years and we have held five events to date.

What can a model expect from participating in Fashion Idol Kids?

We help the models in many ways, preparing them for fashion shows, hold classes, offer portfolio updates and photoshoots as well as editorial projects. The project gives the models a great experience and visibility.

What can a brand participating in Fashion Idol Kids expect?

We invite brands to cooperate in our project and provide them with a platform for promotion, create content for them using our models, publication in fashion magazines and visibility in our fashion shows. The experience costs nothing to the brand.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine Nasilens

Chit Chat Tuesday With Madeleine Nasilens

Which brands participated in previous Fashion Idol Kids events?

We work with Italian and Portuguese brands and have started to collaborate with brands from around the globe.

What is your long-term goal for Fashion Idol kids?

To raise the visibility of our models and start working with leading brands outside of Russia. But mainly to ensure our models have a great experience.

Where and when will your next Fashion Idol Kids event take place?
Our next project will take place on Lake Maggiore in Italy on July 24-28th 2020.

What is your biggest dream?

All my dreams are now connected with Fashion Idol Kids. I would like Fashion Idol Kids to become known widely and for it to bring lots of new opportunities for both the agency and for its partners who work with us now and in the future.

As a businesswoman, you juggle a lot. How do you relax?

For fun, what book are you reading now and what kind of music are you listening to now?

“Parisian impressions. Art sketchbook” by Seto Kat.

Every day I listen to different genres of music to choose for fashion shows, but I myself like to listen to Mozart.

Which are your favourite cultural magazines/publications? 

I look through many magazines to keep ahead of all fashion trends, though I have no favourite magazines really. Probably JUNIOR STYLE WILL BECOME MY FAVORITE MAGAZINE!!

What motivating or inspirational quote inspires you the most?

‘The more often you fight, the more often you win’.


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