GoFunFace Creative Animal Masks

This Halloween, encourage their wild side! From lions, tigers and bears, oh my! to T-Rexes and dragons, Go Fun Face! offers a variety of fun, high-quality animal masks for children, tweens, teens and beyond. Not only are these masks perfect for Halloween, playtime, dress up, birthday parties, costume parties, school spirit, and more; but also they promote dramatic and inventive play, a key factor in early childhood development.

These are not your every day party store masks. Go Fun Face! masks consist of a foam rubber material, making them soft, durable, and easy to wash. They are patented with one-of-a-kind, artistic designs that will have children roaring like lions. Why is dramatic play so important? It fosters social skills, imagination, and empathy through pretending to be someone or something they are not. This later results in tolerance and acceptance in the real world. Currently, Go Fun Face! has seventeen animals and mythical creature to choose from including wolf, tiger, bear, lion, elephant, t-rex, shark, dragon, monkey, bull, and more. Many of which come in different color combinations. Masks retails for $22 and up. For more information, visit https://www.gofunface.comand check out their Facebookand Instagram.