Love Winter Outside | Exploring with AW19 Style

We see a glimpse of sunshine.

It peaks through the winter clouds.

The wind is cool. The air is fresh.

We feel adventure. We love winter outside.

Exploring our nature.

Finding treasures on the ground.

Run to keep warm. Jump to be happy.

There is never a dull moment. We love life outside.

Sharing our love for new AW19 kids styles and exploring winter outside.


Styling & Photography // Sammy via Chasing_Soph

Fashion // Model Sophie wears her own outfits:
Outfit 1 > Bobo Choses knit cardigan from Hipkin, Tiny Cottons pants from Hey Little Store, Dr Martens Boots
Outfit 2 > Bobo Choses dress from Hey Little Store, Zara knitted cardigan, Dr Martens Boots
Outfit 3 > Bobo Choses dress from Buckets & Spades, Bergstein gumboots, Olli Ella Chari Bag, Fini The Label beanie and gloves