Indoor Oasis

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Home. Such a short word but it brings so much comfort when said. After a long day at school or playing with friends home is the place our littles can go to relax and recharge.

      Kids have wonderful imaginations so why not create a space for your little that is fun ! When brainstorming ideas for your child’s room make a list of a few of their favorite things such as : do they love being at the beach or up in the mountains, their favorite sport(s) , favorite color(s), etc. This helps to incorporate what they love to give them a room that they will enjoy + allows them to help out in this fun project by making a list to base the room off of .

Accent walls. An accent wall in a room can really help to change an entire room with a pop of color, pattern, or image filling an entire wall space. Though as children grow their favorite color that was blue may change to neon orange or instead of being all about Disney characters maybe now they are a #1 Superman fan… With this in mind before you go and commit to a painting of a fantastic sports themed mural or paint an accent wall their favorite current color(s) why not give some removable wallpaper a go ? Removable wallpaper has been trending for the past few years now and it is easy to see why since a number of companies who sell it make the prints fun, provide a variety of colors/patterns/images that go with any room theme.  The wallpaper comes off of the wall easily which makes it renter friendly + parent friendly in case your kiddo wants to switch up the room theme a year or two down the road.

Decorating. Though many stores we go to on a weekly basis are filled with amazing home decor you can sometimes find some hidden gems at your local thrift store. Thrifting can hold a number of surprises and can also provide pieces that not only save you money but are unique to spruce up your little’s space. You can make a day out of it and take your child with you since it is exciting for them to be able to help find wonderful items for their new room and grab some ice cream after making some lovely memories together. However, if you would like to add some new pieces or mix with some old treasures with some new there are a number of fantastic brands all around the world that were created to make your home magical. A few favorites that are featured in this room are : Kawaiian Lion – This beautiful brand based out of Australia brings an Aloha vibe with its stunning products. It is a mix of vintage beach decor that not only is great for decorating your littles space if they are all about the beach but to also decorate other rooms in your home to bring in all the soothing ocean feels. The color schemes of the items pair well with any color pallet. SuspendIt – Say goodbye to ordinary hooks + screw/nail heads for when you hang up artwork, hats, necklaces, you name it ! SuspendIt saves the day with the most stunning covers to hide that not so attractive nail or to give something out of the ordinary to hang your child’s book bag on. With a number of beautiful covers to choose from the covers are not only made to last but are easy to apply over any nail or screw with a magnetic backing that also clips to secure it into place. Rugs USA – It is amazing how much a good rug can change up a space! Rugs USA is one of the larger rug sellers and carry any type of rug pattern/color/texture you could desire. The Rugs are lightweight, easy to clean, and are perfect for driving hot wheel cars on or for hosting a stuffed animal tea party. The rug chosen for the images below is Rug USA’s Multi Faded Grace Tassel Botaniq Area Rug which goes well with any color scheme but also gives a bit of a vintage look that adds to how gorgeous it is.

Onto the bedding. A tip if you have a lot of patterns or would like to highlight a patterned accent wall choosing bedding that is a solid color is good way to go. Though the bedding may be one color it can be spruced up with some colorful pillows that fit the theme of the room. To add a layered look that is inviting for bedtime pair the bedding with some sheets that are patterned, have dinosaurs on them ( or any fun theme your child loves ) ,or just a different color than the bedding which  helps to make the sheets stand out. A very important part of the room which can get overlooked until after the decor shopping is complete is the mattress. Regarding the project below for our son’s room we wanted to make sure he had a mattress that was comfortable but also made out of safe materials. So we said Hello to My Green Mattress ! My Green Mattress creates mattresses that are made out of organic materials ( natural wool, cotton, and latex ) and the latex in the mattress forms to the body which offers orthopedic support. We chose the Pure Echo Mattress which arrived in a cardboard box ( after unpacking it made for the perfect cardboard house to play in ) and was neatly wrapped. Our son and our two cats had a blast unwrapping the mattress and then watching it shape into it’s mattress form once unwrapped. Due to living in a hot/humid tropical climate in Hawaii our little dude would wake up each night when it was especially warm out with heat rashes, however, since sleeping on the Pure Echo mattress he has not had one single rash.  He also has started sleeping in past 8AM over this summer once we switched to this mattress which is something he hasn’t done since he was one years old ( making this lady a very happy mom since that has allowed me to sleep in as well ). Overall I can vouch that hands down our mattress from My Green Mattress has been the best mattress we have ever owned.

Plants. Not only are plants proven to be soothing in a home but they also help to filter the air. Thanks to apps like Pinterest there is a vast knowledge now days of which plants are best for the indoors. Having  a plant or two in your child’s room will not only help to brighten the space up but it can help teach them responsibility on caring for that plant. A fun arts and crafts project our son and myself did for his room was to pick out a few plants, some paint/paint brushes, we turned on some snazzy tunes, and we spent an afternoon painting some beautiful/creative pots for the plants in his room.

Toy Storage. Toys toys toys, as I remember in my childhood I thought one could never have too many toys. As a parent at times I feel like they hide in every corner of the house so when styling our son’s room I vowed to never step on a lego or hot wheel every again and provide plenty of storage for our son’s toys. There are many options when it comes to storage : plastic organizational bins, wire baskets, wooden crates, lockers, nets that hang in a corner of a room, the list goes on ! Regarding the room below I chose to go with several large woven palm baskets that can slide under our son’s white table along with a few wicker storage bins from Target. Not only are these storage choices pleasing to the eye but they have done a magnificent job of keeping the hot wheel collection all in one place and out from under my tender feet.

At the end of the project you not only will have created a magical space for your child to go to but have hopefully also created some wonderful memories together along the way. An indoor oasis for the whole family to enjoy tea parties in, little friends to make childhood memories in for playdates + sleepovers, and a place your child will think back on when they are grown and appreciate all the fun they had in their room that they helped create.

Features // Pillows : les palmiers pillow pair , give peace a chance cushion , make waves not war | Tapestry : war is dumb! flag | Rug : Rugs USA | Wall Nail Covers : SuspendIt | Hat : Ezrazayn | Mattress : My Green Mattress | Removable Wallpaper, Backpack, Framed Wall Art : Target