METAMORPHOSIS [tran-suh b-stan-shee-ey-shuh n ] by Blaire Hawes

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There’s something about Blaire’s work that both stirs emotions and captivates the eye. A beautiful uneasiness with nothing contrived or pushed. Blaire makes no apologies to a complicated and at times judgemental world. Instead she extends an invite into a dialogue of communication between mother and daughter through a medium that Kennedy finds calming. Communication, expression is tangible, fluid and to be enjoyed.


[tran-suh b-stan-shee-ey-shuh n]

Butterflies have always played a role in our lives. They represent hope and a new beginning. I began photographing Kennedy when she was just 2 during her meltdowns caused by her Autism. It was a way of calming her, and also a visual gateway into our lives and to forever preserve how far we have come with therapy and hard work. The Metamorphosis of her brain the last 9 months has been profound. Just as a butterfly, becomes something beautiful. This was her interpretation of that process.

Blaire Hawes

Blaire Hawes Metamorphosis

Blaire Hawes Metamorphosis

 Metamorphosis photography by Blaire Hawes

 Metamorphosis photography by Blaire Hawes

 Metamorphosis photography by Blaire Hawes

Editors notes:

* [tran-suh b-stan-shee-ey-shuh n ] is how Kennedy say’s Metamorphosis.

An interesting article in Vogue Italia by Jörg Colberg about IG censorship including Blaire can be found here.

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