Aristocrat Kids’ royal (and a bit movie-like) AW19 catwalk

Aristocrat Kids, the master of fairytales, has just revealed its AW19 collection ‘The Alchemist’ at Riga Fashion Week. The collection is as luxurious as ever. There is a lot of lace and ruffles, fabulous fabrics are mixed with dreamy details. As they describe: “The collection introduces a full spectrum of natural treasures of Earth – the light and sparkling shades of gold, powdery rose and coral that lead to more intense hues of amethyst, topaz and emerald that further introduce the nighty sparkle of the black diamond and ice clear crystals. It combines various textures – the intense, saturated woody earth in the touch of the velvet, the silky feeling of snowflakes and the lightness of the winter morning mist portrayed in the layers of tulle. These entire elements join together to create a unique story.”

But I also see a little bit of the classical Russian movie “Three Musketeers” here… Velvety fabrics, golden embroidery… This gives a nostalgic touch to everyone who has grown up together with the songs of D’Artagnan and Aramis!

Photos: Mark Litvyakov

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