Yoga for Littles


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It has been proven that the art of Yoga has many benefits for adults and children by helping to relieve any anxiety , improve concentration, helps with strength/flexibility, and is overall a fun exercise activity to do ! Lana Katsaros created a beautifully colorful deck of cards called, “Yoga For Littles”, to help children learn the art of yoga in a fun way ! Each card has an illustration ( drawn by Alison Oliver ) of a yoga pose with it’s name, the timeframe of how long the pose should be held for, benefits of the pose, and the directions on how to correctly do the pose. As a parent to an almost eight year old with a pretty large amount of energy I put these cards to the test with our son and a little buddy of his. First may I commend Lana for making this deck of cards light weight and travel friendly since it was easy to pop into my beach bag and take it outdoors to give it a go. The children were fascinated by the funny names of some of the yoga poses and absolutely loved the illustrations which they found very helpful on how to properly execute some of the poses. I must be honest there were a few tumbles from trying to balance which resulted in giggles and giving the pose another try which ended in success. We spent about 20 minutes on the shore doing yoga and it was an excellent way to get in some exercise, enjoy nature, and learn some facts we did not know about yoga. This deck of cards would be perfect for a child with any energy level and a very helpful way to get in any PE during online class , some wiggles out, or ideal for heading on vacation ( which is when Lana came up with the idea while traveling with her own family) and letting your child release some energy in a very healthy fun manner !


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