Stand Still

If only time could stand still.  Sometimes I would say it feels repetitive.  As a Mother, I repeat myself so often and the question, “how many times do I have to tell you?” is one so often asked it’s possibly etched into my children’s core.  You ask the same requests of your children day in and day out.  Time is on repeat.  Repetition is a marvelous thing.  Just think, it’s how we shape our children’s character.  Our repetitive requests will guide and guard their lives.  I am moved by Charlotte Mason’s writing, “Educate the child in right habits and the man’s life will run in them, without the constant wear and tear of the moral effort of decision. Once, twice, three times in a day, he will still, no doubt, have to choose between the highest and the less high, the best and the less good course. But all the minor moralities of life may be made habitual to him. He has been brought up to be courteous, prompt, punctual, neat, considerate; and he practises these virtues without conscious effort.”  Yes, time is fleeting but it’s also standing still and staring you right in the face.  Take time to repeat (and be ok with it), your child’s future depends on it.


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