I had other intentions when we went barn hunting several weeks ago.  I was caught up in the day to day activities, how quickly the sun was setting and as always FOOD.  Yes, those are some of the details in our day and I was caught up in one too many.  We left the house in a rush and hurried to the big red barn but it was too late.  The sun was close to setting and the barn was in a valley.  I told the children we weren’t able to explore the barn that day but we would look for another exciting (kid-friendly) venture.  I had forgotten this spot existed.  A small back road with the smallest hill of sand was just enough to exhaust their last bit of energy.  Yes, the sun was going down and the fall chill was in the air but these little ones weren’t phased.  Our children teach us so much, don’t they?  Whatever comes our way we have the ability to turn the corner, the ability to change our minds about our situation.  Reflecting on their positive outlook and flexibility was a breath of fresh air at the day’s end (and I was able to join in).

What Are Heavy? by Christina Rossetti

What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow:

What are brief? To-day and to-morrow:

What are frail?  Spring blossoms and youth:

What are deep?  The ocean and truth.




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