Generous Visits

Somehow, not only for Christmas

But all the long year through,

The joy that you give to others

Is the joy that comes back to you.

And the more you spend in blessing

The poor and lonely and sad,

The more of your heart’s possessing

Returns to make you glad.  – John Greenleaf Whittier

Our niece came for a visit.  What a treat!  Our oldest daughter (and 2nd son – the twins) and she are only 15 days apart.  So what to do?  We decided to see some of the local “hot spots”.  It was early enough in the morning to catch the fog over the river but also too early for our oldest two sons to join us.  Such a joy to watch these little ones roam around the dock looking at the fish, the ducks and the train that went overhead.  Children make memories anytime and anywhere.  Truly, they find joy in the simplest things and what a treat to watch them explore God’s creation.  So many things I pass by day to day but not these little ones.  They would explore all day if I allowed it.  Maybe the do explore all day anyway, right?  Following the docks we ventured to a local log cabin – a historic site in our hometown.    We were able to look through the windows at the log cabin and life size dollhouse next to the cabin.  No one wanted to leave.  I learn each day from these little ones – slow down, find joy wherever you can, meticulously explore God’s creation.  Our children are gracious teachers.  Laughter, smiles and fun galore – a generous visit to say the least.




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