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Monday, October 26, 2020

Fluffy green with mushrooms in their hair! The EverWilde

Curious Little Market Creature Features

Sometimes you stumble across something that just makes you go awwwh and Curious Little Market’s plush imaginative creations do just that. Fluffy moss green with mushrooms in their hair the EveryWilde originate from hope – the protectors of the forest. You could call them guardians, they wander through the woods humming a tune that inspires the bees to buzz, the buds to bloom and the breeze to blow.

Curious Little Market’s creatures possess a magical heirloom feel, a special unique companion to accompany you through life. In fact every purchase plants a tree through the scheme, again something special to grow and live on. The EveryWilde are not the only creatures in the Curious Little Market’s story. See below for more enchantment.

The Lulling Din

Curious Little Market Lulling Din
The Lulling Din

Born underground, their feet like roots. The energy and emotions of the earth and all its creatures moving through them like electricity down a wire. It is many years before a Lulling Din is fully grown. The tips of their ears peeking through topside, waiting to be discovered. Existing in a sleepy state, hearing only the low hum that connects us all. It isn’t until they are given a name that the Lulling Din awaken, becoming self aware and forever in tune with the emotions of the one who has named them. Creatures of empathy and compassion their bodies buzz with a healing energy. Oversized ears make them wonderful listeners and their long arms and soft bodies are perfect for cuddles!

The EverWilde

Curious Little Market The EverWilde

The EverWilde

It has been said, on the night that the first forest was born, all the woodland creatures assembled at its heart. They worked together in the moonlight collecting the softest bits from the forest floor. Fallen feathers, velvety mushroom caps, clouds of green moss and the seeds from one hundred dandelions covered the ground. It is with these objects that they made up the dreamiest of beds at the base of the very first tree. Just before dawn, a hush began to fall. As the last piece of moss was carefully placed, each creature gently closed their eyes and began to whisper wishes of hope for the forest. The creatures were not quick to open their eyes, each taking a moment of thoughtful silence. Slowly they began to fall asleep. While they were sleeping, a calming rain fell on the newborn forest. One by one the creatures awoke from their slumber and a wave of happiness washed over them. The magical bed they had created was no longer empty. There under a blanket of green moss clouds, atop a bed of fallen feathers, velvety mushroom caps, and the seeds of one hundred dandelions, slept the Everwilde, and the creatures knew then that their whispers had been heard. Brought forth from hope, the EverWilde are the protectors of the forest, the guardians. They wander through the woods humming a tune that inspires the bees to buzz, the buds to bloom, and the breeze to blow. Guided by a trail of twinkling stars, they return every evening, to dream under a blanket of green moss clouds, atop a bed of fallen feathers, velvety mushroom caps, and the seeds of one hundred dandelions.

EverWilde approximately 28″ and lightly weighted, Mushrooms are attached by hand and some care should be taken to treat them kindly. All Curious Little Market Creatures Are Perfectly Imperfect. For ages three and up. The EverWilde is a plush reproduction, based on the original art works of Jessica Lilly

The Moonicorn

Curious Little Market The MoonicornWhimsical spirits, Hitchhikers of fallen stars. Gentle creatures at home in the forest. Sparkle under a magical moon

from Pirouette

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