10 new toes

Our 7th wonder entered the world on September 30th.  Welcome little Evangelina.   You are already deeply loved.   You are already fought over.  You are already fitting in.

We left our home at 3:48 am and quickly headed up the hill to the hospital.  Upon our arrival to the hospital, you weren’t quite ready.  I asked if I could go home.  Within 45 minutes my water broke and within another 45 minutes I was ready to push.  I almost broke your Pop’s hand but a painful 15 minutes comes and goes quite quickly.  Perfect timing – 5:43 am, right before your siblings would wake for school.  You were on FaceTime within minutes of entering the world.  Welcome to the world sweet girl.  Your 10 new toes are a wonderful addition to our family.

No other part of the world’s work is of such supreme difficulty, delicacy and importance, as that of parents in the right bringing up of their children.” Charlotte Mason


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