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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Rendez-Vous Kids Digital Fashion Week: Part 2 Day 5

Our final day of The Rendez-Vous Kids Digital Fashion Week Part.2 is dedicated to lifestyle and accessories labels with short order capacity Stych, Sticky Lemon and Numero 74



So first up is new to the market at the beginning of the year Stych accessorises.  Have you ever heard of mini-me matching with your dog? ⁠Super cute for kids & canines! ⁠Stych recognise that accessories need to be slowed down when it comes to newness. We have themes and accessories that we want to have long-lasting, keepsake and hand-me-down appeal. ⁠They like to mix up and reuse all of our accessories in various gifting offers whilst injecting reactive and thoughtful newness with newly sourced fabrics and fresh in-house⁠print development. Colour and texture are always introduced to evolve our collections.⁠

They are constantly working to better their sustainable approach and they have started sourcing alternatives likes gros-grain made from plastic bottles to lead the way in moving the accessory industry forward. Stych hope to reduce, reuse and recycle in turn teaching our customer too.

Sticky Lemon

Second up in our lifestyle & accessories day is sweet, not sour Sticky Lemon  The collection is about wandering around, feeling free and enjoying nature. Going on an adventure with a pack on your back, wearing socks over your knees and taking a picnic blanket along the way. Discovering the beauty of staying close by and having a cosy time at home. Let’s go on this adventure together!⁠

There is an introduction of new colour combinations, they play with check patterns and canvas details and the backpacks come in the classic blind-zipper model with rounded envelope pocket.⁠

Numero 74

Our final brand is the beautiful relaxed chic Numero 74 sit back and dream…⁠ Each creation is unique, imagined and crafted to bring delicate touches of dreamlike softness to daily life. ⁠There’s an introduction of sage green and mellow yellow bringing more warmth into the winter, making the Indian summer last longer.⁠

from Pirouette https://www.pirouetteblog.com/business/trade-shows/the-rendez-vous-kids-digital-fashion-week-part-2-day-5/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-rendez-vous-kids-digital-fashion-week-part-2-day-5

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