Summer 2021 kids fashion previews day four

Summer 2021 kids fashion previews day four at The Rendez-view with another four new brands today kicking off with Barn of Monkeys.

Barn of Monkeys

“Barn of Monkeys is a creative fashion lab with a special approach to the concept of style.
It’s a brand with solid social and cultural values, seeking to create outstanding long-lasting garments, using nothing but the best fabrics, made with high-quality organic raw-materials with a GOTS certificate.
Barn of Monkeys gives the utmost importance to excellence, artistry and eco-responsibility, put on every detail of its outfits. But what makes Barn of Monkeys so unique, is its urge to make a statement and provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. Apparels for children and teenagers aged 2-16 that last longer, bring families together and shout out for gender standardization!”

“We like to say that we are storytellers. Stories that our children wear. Stories that enrich knowledge and make you want to learn.
This season, Barn of Monkeys, embarks on a nature expedition with Charles Darwin. This celebrated naturalist and inventor of the Theory of Evolution takes us on a journey through land and sea, showing that living beings adapt their selves to the different evolutions that take place in the world.
From insects to giraffes, from the shells of the oceans to the Galapagos Islands’ turtles, Darwin embarks on the fantastic Beagle sailboat in the greater adventure of his life.
The Barn Expedition, Spring / Summer 21 collection is the reminder that times change and with it we also have to change. It’s an adventure. The desire to discover and to walk in the middle of the forest, questioning everything and everyone.

In a collection with some reversible pieces, we highlight a soft colour palette with mint, orange and bluish tones.

The SS’21 collection was designed with available materials only. We increasingly defend sustainability and the reinvention of new ideas.”

Barn of Monkeys quirky striped T-shirts for Ss21 kids fashion

Barn of Monkeys quirky striped T-shirts for Ss21 kids fashion


Bella and Emma

“Bella & Emma is an Indian brand that prides itself on creating elegant and comfortable cotton clothing for little girls.
As a brand, we are proud to be Indian, thanks to our rich history of cotton, which dates back to between 6000 and 5000 BC. Prized for its comfort and versatility, it was the fabric of natural choice for royalty all over the Indian sub-continent.
Every Collection is inspired by the vibrant colours of India. The commitment of the brand to quality & craftsmanship is showcased in our clothing, which is lovingly hand embroidered by artisans.
Whether it’s a fun day at the beach, a walk in the park or a summer wedding, there’s something for every girl in our collections.
Discover why we have always loved cotton. All over again. ”

With an emphasis on cotton, this Spring Summer 2021 collection is designed with each piece to feel like an artwork. Inspired by our mood boards, we present our collection : Summer at Lake Como. It features soft pastels & unique summer prints. Our vibrant summer prints have been hand painted by artists and reflect the commitment of the brand to quality & craftsmanship. Stand out pieces include dresses in naturals fibres, hand embroidered by artisans.

Our collection has garments which are just so chic, ideal for leisure and travelling . We have curated luxurious cotton fabrics, incorporating the palette of white, blue & pink . Summer at Lake Como is vibrant, while reflecting the brand’s commitment to natural fibres. Using modern silhouettes, this Spring Summer collection is playful ,comfortable and summer ready.

Summer 2021 kids fashion with beautiful lace at Bella and Emma 

Summer 2021 kids fashion with beautiful lace at Bella and Emma


Atelier Parsemi

Atelier Parsmei is an ethical, sustainable, high fashion kidswear and womenswear brand offering covertible classic contemporary design.By prioritising sustainability in all life cycles of the clothes ‏Atelier Parsmei ensures that every aspect of production is transparent – respecting both the planet and its inhabitants.‏”We choose to seek a better way to produce luxury and high design fashion with social commitment and sustainable principles. Our mission is to encourage everyone we work with or sell to, to think, act and choose positively while finding ideas to help us create less wastage and reduce our environmental impact.

”The Atelier Parsmei collection is respectful in production and benefits others through purchase and wear. Atelier Parsmei proudly supports the Room to Read Organisation and the Kaveri Vanitha Sevashrama Orphanage with each purchase contributing to Atelier Parsmei’s aim of transforming the lives of children through literacy and gender equality in education.

“Yayoi Kusama in the land of the Smurfs

This is an imaginary story of Yayoi Kusama visiting The Smurfs village. Yayoi grew up in Japan and dreamt of becoming an artist. In the fields of her family nurseries, she drew flowers and plants and stones. She imagined the world around her as streams and clusters of dots.

In one of her dreams, she decided to visit The Smurf village as she was so fond of the red and white polka dotted mushroom house, and she was a big fan of Smurfette.

There she discovered a different life beyond the silk kimonos and the mountains, far from Matsumoto City where she came from. She walked in fields of flowers, looked closely at pebbles and drew them as chains of tiny cells that looked like dots. She became devoted to her dots as for her they were a way of thinking about the world among the stars.

In her dream, she enjoyed spending time with Smurfette, amused by her feminine features, blue skin colour, long yellow hair, long eyelashes and her white dresses and white high heels. She looked at the Smurfs dancing and the swirling night skies, trying to solve their issues with Gargamel as if they were puzzles. Later on she got inspired to make her red and white polka dots patterns as well as the famous accumulation chair inspired by the Smurfs’ hat.”

Mommy and me looks from Atelier Parsemi for Ss21

Mommy and me looks from Atelier Parsemi for Ss21


Pero spring/summer 21 is all about things fun and colourful, inspired by the beautiful nature we see around us.

In these difficult times all we want is to make everyone happy.

It’s an attempt to make cheerful clothes to bring a change of mood in the world.

Pero SS21 beautiful embroideries

Pero SS21 beautiful embroideries, click to play video

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