Kids Lifestyle and Accessory day at The Rendez-vous

Kids Lifestyle and Accessory day at The Rendez-vous today to round off our Kids Digital Fashion Week.

First off is Stych;


Smile til’ your cheeks hurt is an online accessories shop for people and their pets.

We offer smile-inducing themed gift boxes sent in a beautiful, keepsake box, or curate your own with a pick ‘n’ mix selection of accessories for the person or pet that you love (and simply add a gift box or gift bag at the end!).

Stych is designed to be super easy and convenient without sacrificing the thought and love that should flow through every gift.

At STYCH we recognise that accessories need to be slowed down when it comes to newness. We have themes and accessories that we want to have long lasting, keep sake and hand-me-down appeal.

We like to mix up and reuse all of our accessories in various gifting offers whilst injecting reactive and thoughtful newness with newly sourced fabrics and fresh in-house print development.

Colour and texture are always introduced to evolve our collections that sit alongside our 5 STYCH prints that flow continuously. We are constantly working to better our sustainable approach and we have started sourcing alternatives likes gros-grain made from plastic bottles to lead the way moving the accessory industry forward.

We hope to reduce, reuse and recycle in turn teaching our customer too. We have a small injection of mini-me lines for winter and we have fresh styles filtering in for summer 21 including organza and embroidered scrunchies.

A multitude of choices at Stych for hair accessories

A multitude of choices at Stych for hair accessories


Sticky Lemon

“Sticky Lemon is a Dutch kids label, founded in 2016. It’s for little and bigger kids with an outspoken taste in the way they look. Quirky, colourful, bold and sunny. Colour blocking combined with patterns and illustrations. Sticky Lemon enjoys to experiment with renewed colour combinations and wink to the retro times.

The collections themselves are like little stories about going to school and just have lots of fun. A range of backpacks and little accessories like knee high socks, pencil cases and embroidered pins.
Sticky Lemon just wants to see these quirky kids have the most colourful and sunny times!”

“The wanderer & freckles collections are the latest Sticky Lemon back-to-school lines. The collections are about wandering around, feeling free, enjoying nature. Going on an adventure with a backpack on your back, wearing socks all over your knees and taking a picnic blanket along the way.

Discovering the beauty of staying close by and having a cosy time at home. Let’s go on this adventure together!

We introduce new colour combinations and are playing with check patterns and canvas details. The backpacks come in the classic blind-zipper model and with a rounded envelope pocket. Yay!”

The picnic blanket holder at Sticky Lemon

The picnic blanket holder at Sticky Lemon


Numero 74

“Numero 74 is the result of a dream and the magic of beautiful encounters.

Cultivating the taste of freedom and authenticity, for 10 years, creativity has been the essence that animates us!.

The refined style and sensitivity of n°74 find inspiration in the beauty of simple things.

It offers handmade timeless creations, in a range of soft hues, creating a world of dreams for the whole family.

Throughout our Made By You line, it also invites children and adults to take the time to create, imagine and get in touch with who they really are. A world of handicrafts inviting the imagination to blossom”


“A new collection adorned with crochet, which embodies the delicate art of being handmade… a vintage-chic note in perfect harmony with the timeless n°74 style.

Numero 74, with its array of exclusive colours, as the new Sage green and Mellow yellow delights in bringing more warmth into the winter, making the Indian summer last longer.

The fashion and accessory range are widened, like a tribute to freedom of movement.New creation join the party as festive companions alongside the toy and decoration lines.

Each creation is unique, imagined and crafted to bring delicate touches of dreamlike softness to daily life. ”

Beautiful kids lifestyle and accessories from Numero 74

Beautiful kids lifestyle and accessories from Numero 74

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