Junior Style Quarantine Challenge: Design A Shoe

Design a shoe quarantine challenge

After being inspired by a post on Dazed fashion featuring lego shoes designed by @floweirdy, we set our followers a quarantine challenge during the recent lockdown to design a shoe.

A lot of hard work has gone into creating the shoes by our followers.  Which is your favourite?


Anastasia lives in Madrid and is 8 years old. She loves fashion, acting and modelling and her favourite subjects at school are English and Maths.

The inspiration for the shoes came from a movie Anastasia watched about mermaids, and that’s why she decorated them with fishes and seashells. Anastasia really loves doing anything artistic, whether it’s drawing, styling or constructing something, and we, of course, couldn’t let this challenge pass by. (See above image for full design).

Design a shoe quarantine challenge lego and duplo shoe

Malik is 8 years old and he lives in Rome, Italy. The fun and witty young man loves acting and modelling and immersing himself in nature and wildlife.

Malik took inspiration for his shoes from his passion for Lego bricks, dinosaurs and reggae music so he called the shoe Jamaican|Jurassic Lego shoe.

Eight-year-old Orly made gladiator sandals from an old cardboard box, a leftover crepe paper decoration from a party and glue/staples.

Orly loves designing and has just opened up her own online store, Love Orly. where she makes face masks and headbands. Orly is wearing a romper from the Raspberry Plum current collection, which is all about recycling. (The cardboard box Orly used to make the sandals was from a package from Raspberry Plum).

Design a shoe quarantine challenge lego shoe

Manon is based in Shanghai, but because of Covid19, her family have been in Japan since the end of Jan. Nine-year-old Manon loves dancing & drawing.  Manon she is very good with her hands, so she likes drawing and crafts a lot so this project was very suited to her.

Manon often makes something with Origami, and she loves wearing Kimono, so she thought it would be nice to decorate Japanese Zori with Origami flowers.

Born in London to an Iranian/American mum and a Danish dad, Lilia has collected many stamps in her passport. During the lockdown, travelling to see family and friends has been an activity that she has missed dearly, inspiring the “summer sandal” for the LEGO Challenge.

Lilia is 6 years old and currently in year 2. Besides modelling for over year with Bruce and Brown, she enjoys ballet, dancing, reading books, and most importantly, playing with her little sister Ellene.

Nuala from Liverpool, UK is aged 10 and enjoys up-cycling items from her closet.  For the Junior Style design, a shoe challenge Nuala used an old pair of jeans that she had outgrown and old pumps to create her shoe. Nuala wanted to create shoes that she could wear, that were going to be comfortable.

Nuala and mum Danielle managed to create denim boots using the bottom part of the jeans and sole from the pumps and now Nuala wears the top part of the jeans as shorts, so no waste which was a win-win.

Design a shoe quarantine challenge denim recycle shoe

Design a shoe quarantine challenge denim recycle shoe

Hector has just turned five and lives in North Wales. Hector’s shoes are a mash-up of Pixar versus Marvel, Buzz versus Spiderman, good versus good, who will win.

Hector opted for sliders which he would love to wear if he gets the chance to go to Disneyland, Paris again. He enjoys self-styling and coming along to shoots with his mummy. Hector was very specific on what he wanted to wear to shoot these.

Design a shoe quarantine challenge lego and duplo

Beatrice is 7 years old and lives in Milan, Italy. When she is home Beatrice likes playing with all her puppets and she could not wait to get started creating a shoe for the challenge.  Beatrice started putting her finger puppets on flip-flops then designed the Lego shoes.

Beatrice likes to draw (she says: I’m very good at drawing because my grandmother is a painter J LOL), study theatre and acting and skiing.

Design a shoe quarantine challenge

Channan Samra from London is 6 years old and just finished year 1. Channan enjoys roller skating, riding her bike, singing and dancing. She loves to get creative.

It was a sunny day so Channan chose to make slides and wanted to be able to wear them. Channan made them colourful and pretty with flowers on the top. It took her a while and required some help but was very pleased with the result.

Design a shoe quarantine challenge lego

Elena is an 8-year-old straight-A student from Toronto, Canada. Elena and her younger sister are always on the lookout for their next creative idea: be it a new character, dress, accessory or shoe design. Both girls are all about reusing existing materials and DIY-ing their next breakthrough idea.

We had a lemon garland and bouquet laying around the house and Elena suggested to use them to make strappy sandals she can wear with her favourite lemon-print dress for the Junior Style London Quarantine Challenge on Instagram. The lemon decorations were outfitted with a clip so they can be removed and transferred to a different pair!

Design a shoe quarantine challenge

Valery is 8 years old, Modamoda Agency, hobby vocals, dancing, swimming and really enjoyed making the lego sandals even though they were not easy to walk in!

Sara-Elena Ghica is 9 years old currently lives and studies in Madrid, Spain. Sara loves sports, especially judo and skiing. At the age of 7, Sara made her debut in the world of fashion on the FIMI catwalk.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has cancelled many projects, but I am very optimistic that soon all will be achieved in the conditions of the “new normality”.  Throughout the quarantine, I boosted my creative side, because apart from fashion, I am passionate about everything related to drawing and painting. Maybe one day I will become a famous designer. Who knows?!  I used an old shoe and beads from my mum’s jewellery box to make the shoes.

Design a shoe quarantine challenge

Allegra Ludovica is 7 years old and lives in Italy, in Como and loves nature and animals, especially dogs, which are my passion! I love fashion and I am very creative, my shoes are born from my passion for fabrics, accessories and bows that I love!

Design a shoe quarantine challenge bows

Eight-year-old Tara Mina (Tami) is from Germany and loves fashion, art and is a big fan of shoes.

Tami was very inspired by @floweirdy @dazedfashion creative shoes. Lego as fashion, what an amazing mix…it is so great and imaginative. This was so cool to Design and I love it.

Coco is 10 years old and lives in Chorlton, South Manchester.  Coco is a natural roller skater and thinks life on 8 wheels is the best. Her go-to favourite style right now is always roller related.

Coco loves singing, playing guitar and ukulele, drawing and writing poems. She is a dreamer who loves to play imaginary games with her little bro. She likes gymnastics and Cycling and manages to make both into a fashionable affair.

Alice is 7 years old and loves Lego and ballet! Alice loved creating the shoes and thought it was a really fun idea.

We had many more entries and would have loved to include all entries in the feature.  Please head to #jrstylequrantinechallenge to take a look at further entries.  We would love to know which is your favourite.






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