Mythical Canvas: Let Your Child Unleash Their Creativity

Mythical canvasMythical Canvas, the revolutionary brand that allows children to customise and bring drawings to life on their plimsolls.

‘Through art, we can inspire kids to follow their dreams and have the self-confidence to create their reality’ – Owner David Cole

Mythical Canvas was born as a result of a huge passion to encourage children to realise that there are ‘no mistakes in art‘, helping to boost their self-confidence and aid their development as they grow.

Having been exposed to art from a young age, founder David Cole felt art had helped his development and he wanted young children to have the same opportunity to feel free to be creative.

Mythical Canvas is starting a ‘No Mistakes in Art’ movement, believing that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities and that they are key to growth. Join them on their journey.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” – Pablo Picasso

Looking for a product to help develop your child’s creativity, aid development and boost their confidence in a fun way? Then look no further!


Mythical Canvas Details:

Size Range: Junior size 11 – Adult size 3

Each pair of footwear comes with 2 pairs of customisable straps, a stencil set and a set of Mythical Fabric Pens.

Priced at £29.99-£34.99 and available to purchase online from



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