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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Saving The Secret Garden

Saving The Secret Garden

Samuel is a healthy 6-year-old Brazilian child with a wild, vivid imagination. He loves going down the rabbit hole into his own magic, lush and beautiful garden where he gets to have lots of fun by turning himself into his favourite characters.

ABOBORA, the leading spirit of this secret magic kingdom, whose job is to make sure it is a sustainable environment for all to live in, is getting very worried for his people.  He has learned that PRETO the magician, an evil spirit who has previously threatened the livelihood of this enchanted world is planning to invade and play havoc amongst its inhabitants. Abobora reaches out to TUPAN, a kind knowledgeable spirit who keeps the garden memories alive, and both of them, remembering the hardships of war, decide they need to avoid it at all costs. They send SENTINEL to stand alert and keep watch for invaders at the gates, but luckily for them, shortly after, the day is finally saved when the person who arrives turns out to be the powerful warrior XINGU, who, with his mere presence, deters any evil forces that there might be, from trying to do any harm. Thanks to this, harmony, peace of mind, and overall happiness is soon regained amongst all inhabitants of this magic world.

Saving The Secret Garden featuring Samuel Silva Piebaldism

Saving The Secret Garden featuring Samuel Silva Piebaldism

Saving The Secret Garden featuring Samuel Silva Piebaldism

Saving The Secret Garden featuring Samuel Silva Piebaldism

Saving the Secret Garden Crew Credits:

Photography: Andrea Villegas @andphot0

Fashion Producer & Writer: Julio Sanchez-Velo  @chezvelo

Model: Samuel Silva @shamuelmodel

Stylist: Fredsonn Silva Aguda @fredsonnsilvaaguda

Hair/MU: Robson Oliveira @robsonoliveiramua

Fashion: Kicomo by Kiara C. Morrow @kingkicomo, VELO kids by Fredsonn Silva Aguda @fredsonnsilvaaguda

There are 5 characters in the story of Saving the Secret Garden: 
ABOBORA – Yellow outfit  by KICOMO, TUPAN – Blue and White outfit by VELO, PRETO – Black outfit by VELO, SENTINEL – Kimono-ish orange outfit by KICOMO, XINGU – Blue outfit (with sword) by KICOMO








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