Snow Baby

A note from the photographer:

I was fourteen the first time I really picked up a camera. I lived in Alaska at the time as my Dad is active duty military and we moved around quite a bit. For those who haven’t been, Alaska is a breathtaking place. There are positives and negatives to learning photography in such gorgeous surroundings.
The positive? You never run out of a desire to take pictures or lack a fantastic background.
The negative? As a young teen, I had all the creative vision and none of the skills or resources to actually capture the images I wanted.
So when I found out a few weeks ago I would be running through Alaska on a quick last minute trip, my mind immediately came to this set of photos I always had wanted to create. It’s always fun to come full circle to old places after so much growth.

A big thank you goes out Mayra, Alma, and Freddy for going on a wild Alaskan adventure with me. And also to a HUGE thanks to Happy Trails Kennels for being the absolute picture of Alaskan Hospitality, and letting us play with your Iditarod racing dogs. Pictures aside, you and your puppies made our day.


Photographer and stylist: Melanee Kate| | @melaneekate
Assistant: Kayla Caraway
Models: Alama