Meri Meri x Nathalie L’Été for the Spring Party Season

In a magical world of all things pleasant, a collaboration emerged between a Los Angeles stationery designer and a Paris-based artist. Meri Meri, the designer, began her journey in the late 1980s by designing stationery. Later, her designs became sought out at prestigious stores. On the other side of the world, artist Nathalie L’Été created art with inspiration from traveling and poetry.

Nathalie L’Été ‘artwork can be seen in children’s books, on stationery, knitted toys, ceramics, and sculptures. Her most recent collaborations have been with brands like Gucci, H&M, and Anthropologie. Nathalie’s style captures the essence of purity, making her the perfect artist for this creative and whimsical collection of party accessories. 

The Meri Meri x Nathalie L’Été capsule collection features dressed cats, floral vignettes emphasizing vividly colored flowers, and butterfly adorn foil edges. Each dinnerware comes beautifully designed, and no two are similar. The details of each flatware exude a playful theme that is perfect for any elegant occasion.

Alongside the utensils and flatware, floral-printed cups and scallop-edged napkins compliment the collection flawlessly. Aside from the dinnerware, the collection will feature cake-toppers and botanical cupcake cases. 

With a collection so stunning and elegant, it is difficult to want to utilize every item. The designs emanate the child within. From the whimsical kittens dressed in suits to the birds painted alongside the flowers, there is a design for any age and occasion.

The collaboration brings an elegant refinement to the world of party accessories. Our favorite items from the collection are the pieces with cats designed on them! We love how each cat is designed with unique styles. Not only does the design show sophistication, but it is fun and quirky for kids and adults! We are excited to see how many incorporate the collection at kids’ parties, housewarmings, etc.  The splendid collection is available now! 


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