New Vegan Shoes from Young Soles Arriving this February

If you are a regular reader, you know that we are big fans of UK-based shoe brand Young Soles and their collection of timeless, quality children’s footwear. Now, we have just one more reason to love this brand!

With the rise of environmental concerns, the demand for more environmentally friendly and ethically inclined collections is at an all-time high. For the upcoming spring/summer 2020 season, Young Soles has decided to step to the plate with a shoe line that aims to play its part to reduce the burden on the planet. The new collection, set to be released this February, is 100% vegan and is crafted with sustainable and recyclable materials!

Young Soles took their three most popular summer styles and tailored them to be vegan. Each pair have the same great look and feel, staying true to the brand’s British heritage while incorporating contemporary styling. Now, they have a positive impact on the world and your little one’s feet. 

Not only are these shoes eco-friendly they are also very parent-friendly. The collection is 100% waterproof and machine washable, making shoe cleaning and care super easy!

Young Soles’ new vegan line uses state-of-the-art materials onSteam and onMicro created by innovative Spanish manufacturer Grupo MorĂ³n, to make incredibly breathable, hypoallergenic shoes while limiting their environmental impact.  With this new collection, parents never have to worry about their children wearing out their shoes during playtime fun, since the soles on the shoes are abrasion-resistant!

The vegan collection is perfect for all sizes of youthful feet; the shoes are very airy with a wide toe and narrow heel feature for the ultimate comfortability. The collection is also great for parents with young children because of the outsole and lightweight design of the shoes; this provides babies with footwear that is supportive for their first steps!

Young Soles vegan collection is one of the few shoe collections that not only provides great styles that are comfortable for kids but also aims to set the pace for the promising future of children’s clothing. What a fantastic combination! 

Learn more about the collection by Young Soles, and find their new collection next month on their website:


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