65 Benetton Street Runway at Pitti Bimbo 90

65 Benetton Street is a world created by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, the setting of Benetton’s very first live runway show at Pitti Bimbo! The youngest citizens of Benetown are wearing the brand’s iconic colour and sportswear identity, with an extra touch of strong identity comprising irony, tenderness and urban culture.

These kiddos love street style and art – explaining their preference for camouflage accented with star and stripe patterns and touches of Keith Haring’s graffiti – the result of a partnership with the Haring Foundation, promoted by JCC himself, who enjoyed a strong friendship with the New York artist. They deeply care about their planet and wear clothes dyed with natural, non-toxic colours, puffer jackets made from recycled materials and noble fibres.

Boy oh boy, did their runway show BURST with colour! Our very favourite piece you ask? Can it really get any better than a puffer coat made of teddy bears!? Scroll down for our top looks from today’s presentation.

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