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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Pirouette #CoupDeCoeur Quiet Town Shower Curtains

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It’s an illusive thing to discover a covetable shower curtain however Brooklyn based Quiet Town’s wonderful designs are something a little bit special. Discover Pirouette’s #CoupDeCoeur Quiet Town today!

About Quiet Town

Co-founders Michael and Lisa, live in the not-so-Quiet Town of Brooklyn with
t heir two kids, Indigo and Sunny.  Michael is a fashion and lifestyle photographer and Lisa is a fashion stylist.

They dream of ditching it all and heading out west for sunshine and warmth—perhaps that’s why, even in the winter, their Jeep is always packed for the beach.  But in the meantime they’ll continue
to find their quiet town right where they are.  Provided there’s a patch of sun available.

We created Quiet Town because we were tired of buying things we needed but didn’t love.
Think about those trips to that giant home store, shopping cart filled with a plastic trashcan, vinyl shower curtain liner, toilet plunger, toothbrush holder– a compliant shrug accompanying each generic purchase. Using our ambivalence as inspiration, we decided to go down that shopping list, crossing things off as we redesigned them. And thus, Quiet Town was born.

Their Ethics:

  • They make only what they need, source the most ethical and quality materials, work with people
    who care about the environment and their employees
  • They personally vet every manufacturer they work with and, whenever possible, visit the factories, speak with the employees and view first-hand the way that they work. Transparency is of the utmost importance to Quiet Town and they like you to know where everything they make comes from.
  • Their canvas is 100% cotton 10oz canvas, grown and milled in the USA.
  • They sew all of their shower curtains in Brooklyn in a space that resembles a workshop instead of a factory.
  • Their dye house is located in Brooklyn, about a 10 minute drive from our studio and factory. They love them because they dye their fabric in small batches which means there’s little waste and a lot of creative freedom.
  • They found a transparent artisan studio in India to apply their traditional Kilim weaving techniques to the bath rugs. This particular facility has the environment and community on top priority, adhering to strict environmental codes of R.E.A.C.H. They also provide interest-free loans to their employees as well as a school for their community.
  • Their hooks  are bent in a factory in the Mid-West where they create other small, utility hardware items made the old-fashioned way. Their friend and manufacturer there once remarked that the guys making the hooks were “really loving them”, and could they take some home for their own bathroom.

Go check out Pirouette #CoupDeCouer Quiet Town www.quiettownhome.com

from Pirouette https://www.pirouetteblog.com/mood-of-the-day/pirouette-coupdecoeur-quiet-town-shower-curtains/

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