Mouse Loves Pig, and You’ll Love Their Toys

If you’re looking for unique, simple, and carefully crafted handmade toys for your young ones, then Mouse Loves Pig is the perfect place for you! Their toys offer children an experience that allows them to use their imagination and explore their creativity. Mouse Loves Pig creates toys that are both trendy and timeless, toys that invite children to play their own way!

These toys are made with love and crafted to bring joy to every child’s heart! They are toys that grow with the child and give children the opportunity to be free. Children can experience more playtime with toys that cater to their needs and that encourage them to make up their own stories and games!

Favourites from Mouse Loves Pig are their ribbon wands and the travel toys. The ribbon wands are the perfect way to demonstrate movement and allow children to use their imagination to express themselves and explore the land of play! The variety of colour and simplicity of the design creates an open-ended toy that can be used for any game, occasion or interpretation that the child chooses. The travel toys, such as the car play mat and busy barnyard farm, utilize basic shapes, natural cuts and colourful fabrics to create an endless source of portable entertainment!

These toys are designed by architect and mom, Ruth Rau, who is determined to create open-ended toys that can be used as tools for children to explore their creativity and stretch their minds. She takes both the need of the parent and the child into account when designing and creating these toys. These toys are durable, simple and can go-anywhere toys with added benefits such as being quiet, screen-free, handmade, and time-resistant, so they have the ability to last through multiple stages of childhood! 

Mouse Loves Pigs creates toys that are perfect tools of expression, tools that explore childhood, and that push the boundaries of a child’s creativity. But most important of all, they create toys that a child can play with, learn with and love!

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