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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Summer Trends 2019

Summer Trends 2019

As we enter a new season in fashion, we feel a spring in our step and the spirit of optimism in the air.  Lauren Morrison from Mi Bambino highlights new trends for this season. We are entering a precarious time and with political uncertainty, this resonates within three main forecasts and trend direction for the Spring Summer season.

Sustainable Fashion

The world and its environment are changing.  Nature is so vital for us to preserve. Purchasing locally sourced and ethically produced garments and products is becoming more commonplace. Sustainability will become more transparent with universal ideas of saving our planet. This trend romanticises nature and rural lifestyles with comforting colour ranges of foliage greens, blues, amber tones, buttercreams and soft pastels.  Subtle shapes and slogans T-shirts inform our need for change. Floral ditsy prints and jacquards will be a common theme with this trend. Lace imprints are nice details on blouses in natural cotton.

Creativity & Self-Expression

The freedom of self-expression through political environments and reforms of change is seen more widely.  As we explore the reforms of change, we are drawing on inspiration from the 1990s summer festival scene, to become more included in social awareness. In fashion, we see sportswear becoming more prominent, liberated and creative to express ourselves, especially in kidswear. We are going to see slouchy classics, oversized sweatshirts, deconstructed and vented garments becoming a focus. The colour palette for this trend punchy pink, rebellious red, blue energy and nostalgic green for retro sportswear. Patterns & prints are bold and punchy, with reference to beach days, holidays and summer fun. “Miami Fun In The Sun” springs to mind, with strong bold prints and colours for high summer trends.

Human Touch

With the ever-increasing number of us obsessed with tracking our social media, personal data, and news feeds, Human touch explores an urge to re-connect emotionally, physically. We see movements to disengage or opt out entirely with things that bring us anxiety. Within these trends, we will see reflective and light materials in activewear but also soft pastels and super brights to energise and soothe. Soft pastel metallics will be on skirts or statement pieces. Prints and graphics will be bold statements with pixelated details of that will merge with streetwear. High Summer will have a beach party themes and reflective visors for accessories.


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Mesh Details  – Sports with Style  (Above) 

New emerging brand Galle Paris for SS19, has curated a collection that is inspired by athleisure with fabric details, mesh, statement typography, bold colours from Red, blue, retro greens, and punchy pink for girls wear.

Crumpled – The Design Process

For SS19 we see crumpled finishes being used in cotton, viscose materials or lightweight nylon that will be designed in dresses or tops with bold colour directions. Ruffle detail designs on trousers or jeans will be a common theme in girls wear and add a little pizazz to your wardrobe.
Summer Trends 2019

Tulle – Layered and Feminine

This season we see Tulle fabric that follows a sporty outlook with bold solid colours. Tulle is layered with stripes or prints underneath.

Summer Trends 2019

The Bomber – With Wording

The bomber jacket makes a re-appearance this season, with a minimal approach with pale or metallic colours and upgraded with embroidery motifs or slogans.

Summer Trends 2019


Summer Trends Images designed by & Text by Lauren Morrison.


Summer Trends Feature Image & Quote Credits:

Image 1 – Galle Paris (New Emerging Brand), Quote – Stella McCartney

Image 2 – Unionini, Quote – Roger Stone

Image 3 – Rasberry Plum, Quote – James E Faust

Image 4 – Sorry for the Mess, Quote – The Weeknd




View Lauren’s trends posts here.




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