Life is Better with You

I am so blessed that I have been given a chance to be a Mother ( of 3 ) children here on this earth. I am even more blessed that Eva chose our family to belong too, and that she chose me to be her Mother. She is smart, talented, loving, caring , funny, bossy, independent, (dictating),silly, sweet, inquisitive,an introverted-extrovert, who likes to have a good time , but also enjoys being at home.
All kids are unique and special, and every child with #downsyndrome is unique and special. This is what makes Eva, Eva. Eva enhances our lives. Life is Better with Eva.

We are so thankful to @babiekinsmag for giving us a platform to share our family and Eva’s journey through photograph.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2019!
Photography by Jenn Terrell


Eva’s Dress from
Socks from
Vintage Jean Jacket