Babiekins Favorite Spring Fashion Trends : Windbreakers

Credits | 01. multicolor | 02. copper | 03. blue | 04. multicoloured | 05. blue & crimson | 06. golden | 07. blue & orange | 08. black & yellow

This Spring Season I am loving everything nylon; jogging pants and hooded jackets in nylon are my current obsession. Maybe I love this trend because I like the 80’s retro-vibe and the fact that they remind me of hanging out at the mall and riding my banana seat bicycle to the park. Or maybe it’s because windbreakers are light, waterproof and cool. Whatever the reason is, I am ready for spring to come and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so me and my babiekin can sport cool windbreakers. Here is a round-up of my favorite windbreakers that are color-blocked in bright bold colors and metallics.