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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Mama’s Guide to Chic and Purposeful Gifting

IMG_0600 copyHow the holidays are upon us already I can’t quite explain. But somehow, here we are, late enough into December that I am embarrassed to admit I have yet to order our holiday cards. I’ll get to that, but first, in keeping with time honored traditions of Editor’s Gift Guides, behold, find my spin for this year: A Mama’s Guide to Chic & Purposeful Gifting. Because don’t all mamas love to multitask.


Return the favor of having borrowed some sugar and invite her to a New Arrival Supper Club from ultimate neighbor and current featured mama, Miry Whitehall.Return the favor of having borrowed some sugar and invite her to a New Arrival Supper Club from ultimate neighbor and current featured mama, Miry Whitehall.

She knows and goes everywhere and everything, but does she know about For Better Not Worse? Gift her with a tee, sweatshirt or what have you emblazoned with one of their sweet logos, knowing that it’s guaranteed not only to garner a whole host of likes online, but in real life as well as this company is committed to ending childhood hunger. For every piece from the collection purchased, a bag of groceries gets delivered to a child in need.

It’s entirely likely said friend has a closet full of “Baby’s First Christmas” t-shirts enough to last until the baby heads to college. Instead, considering purchasing a Bisous bracelet. Endorsed by Instagram sensation @lbrand_stylegirl and made by
@drippingingems, the gift provides what every mother, new or otherwise, could ever want for her child, an opportunity to watch them continue to grow and flourish. As part of their Gems for Good initiative, 100% of each purchase’s proceeds g0 toward Bisous for Leo and finding a cure for INAD, a rare debilitating disease being billed as a cross between Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, for kids. So stack ‘em up, content in knowing you’ll be setting the trend to fashion a new life for families suffering from INAD.

We all know how harried this mom can be, shuffling her child to and from auditions, rehearsals and performances. Help keep her organized by gifting her with a bag from @scenerybags. With materials sourced from shuttered Broadway shows, this company makes stylish and purposeful bags that not only reduce waste headed to the landfill, but simultaneously send underprivileged kids to the theatre. A transformative gift on many a level for which we can give a standing ovation. Bravo!


She’s the mama singlehandedly taking one for the entire team (meaning, your kid’s class). To recognize what a KEY role she plays in the school process, gift her with a Giving Key, which recognizes the value of every human by hiring folks out of homelessness to shape and craft their products. Each purchase helps a person transitioning off the streets find purpose, place and a paycheck. With a personalized key crafted with an inspirational word of your choice, you’ll be able to show Tracy Flick how much she’s inspired you.

Family is the cornerstone of what life’s all about. Show your mama some love by gifting her with a tee shirt or bag from Adopt Together’s collection of merchandise. Adopt Together is a crowdsourcing platform for families looking to adoption to grow their family. The number one reason folks don’t through with the process is the cost. So honor thy mother, show her you appreciate all the unsung work she does by helping to bring a child to their loving forever home. Because all we really want for the holidays is a family to spend it with.

With wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season to all.

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