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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Partykins // Indoor Summer Party In The Winter

I have a son that has a birthay on Janurary 2. Every year he talks about how he wished he could have a “summer” birthday. Swimming, beach time, ice cream and more.
It got me thinking… how many other kids probably feel the same?
So I decided it was time to create a party with all the fun summer activities but inside and away from the cold.
Playing classic games like “apples on a string” is fun but how much MORE fun is it with donuts!

Play musical chairs with some beach chairs to your favorite surfer music!Use a pool noodle and a fun balloon to try and get your balloon in a bucket! The team with the most points win!On your mark, get set, go! Time your littles and see who can get in their summer outfits the fastest. Don’t forget the SPF!
Lets play ring tossl, pool style. Get your favorite inflatable rings and see how many you can throw on your friend.

Inflatable photo op. Gather all those cute floaties and pose.
EAT //
There is nothing that says summer more than a good In and Out meal!
Photography: Megan Dendinger /  Styling: Priscila Barros / Hair + Makeup: Aliya Agoot / Assistance: Kelsey Caso

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